The Bahá’í Gardens of Haifa
About the Movie
Bahá’í Publishing Trust Germany presents a Movie-DVD in English, German, Persian and Spanish.

You can order the movie from the Bahá’í Publishing Trust Germany.
The price per DVD is 9,90 EUR or 12,90 USD + shipping.

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    Eppsteiner Straße 89
    65719 Hofheim

    Tel.: +49-(0)-6192-22921
    Fax.: +49-(0)-6192-22936

You can choose whether you want to have an English, German, Persian or Spanish DVD-box.
No matter which language the box is, the DVD itself is in English, German, Persian and Spanish!

If you live in U.S.A., you can order the DVD (NTSC) from the US Bahá’í Distribution Service.
If you live in Canada, you can order the DVD (NTSC) from the Canadian Bahá’í Distribution Service.

Cover English
English Cover
Cover Spanish
Spanish Cover
Cover German
German Cover
Cover Persian
Persian Cover


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