The Bahá’í Gardens of Haifa
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Bahá’í Publishing Trust Germany presents a Movie-DVD in English, German, Persian and Spanish.

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The movie shows the Bahá’í Gardens of Haifa in their amazing beauty and spiritual atmosphere.

The Bahá’í Gardens in Israel are one of the most holy places of the Bahá’ís. In brillant video quality, this film gives a unique insight into the entire Bahá’í Gardens of Haifa.

Witness the sun rising over the Shrine of the Báb. Meet the pilgrims visiting the Bahá’í Terraces on Mount Carmel. Experience the peace at the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh, and discover how these magnificent gardens were created.

The movie was made by Marco Abrar, the maker of

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Review of the Movie

Review of the Movie

Review of the Movie


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Entrance to the Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh

A Bahá'í tells from where she comes

On the DVD you will find the English, German, Persian and Spanish version of the movie, spoken by professional speakers. Beautiful Bahá’í music provides a musical accompaniment.

You will feel as if you are in Haifa. The movie is perfect for everybody who is interested in the Bahá’í Holy Places.

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